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“Pet Styling Handbook for the Canadian Professionals”

Pet Grooming Studio Academy is in the process of creating a multimedia-based Dog Grooming Manual. The First of its kind in North America! Concentrating on pet salon’s styling work and professional work tips The manual will assist students and graduates of the school in increasing the potential and profit from their grooming careers as well as…

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Another Graduate Awarded in the Professional Dog Grooming Competition!

Newly graduated dog groomer, Miss. Kim Endow entered the May 2 grooming competition. That is held by the Dog Groomers Association with the expectation of the thrill of the experience. She never dreamed that she would finish an impressive third place in the competition against many skilled professionals. The dog grooming competition is judged for…

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“Just Graduated” Newbies Competed Well With The Professional Groomers!

One of our school graduates took part in the Dog Grooming Competition held by the Dog Groomers Association. Miss Y. Sawa completed 20 weeks of Professional Dog Grooming LessonsDog grooming course and started working at the pet salon downtown Toronto only a few months ago. Ms. Sawa has “just graduated” from this school. She has…

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