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“Pet Styling Handbook

For the Canadian Professionals”

Pet Grooming Studio Academy is in the process of creating a multimedia based Dog Grooming Manual. The First of its kind in North America!


item15The manual will assist students and graduates of the school in increasing the potential and profit from their grooming careers as well as preserving the skills they have learned. It is our hope that the manual will simplify the steps of Professional Dog Grooming making it easier to understand and enjoyable.

The grooming manuals in the past are good but have all been very overwhelming in the sheer amount of (some repeated) information. Many often turn away from the manuals due to the sheer volume (Most of them are 500 to 600 pages long). The necessary steps have been buried in sentences that made looking up an information difficult.

They are great books to use as a reference books. They are used at the school as well. However, for those focusing on becoming a professional groomer, a more compact guide would be more benefp2icial. We want to create a quick reference manual that will be easy to navigate to meet the needs of our students.

Most grooming manuals give examples for breed specific grooming similar to show grooming styles. Many of the pages cover simple bath and clean up grooming or hard to maintain show styles.

For example, there are 5 curly coated styles and 4 drop coat pet styles at least you have to know as a professional pet groomer. Other breeds are the same. There are multiple ways of pet finishing . The styles that can be given is predetermined by the type of fur a dog has, its features and also customer’s preference.

For groomers who are starting in the business, it is important to focus on the type of styles that are seen every day in a salon and also establishing good work habits.

The merits of our manual are:

(1) This manual concentrates on pet style trims common in the Canadian workshops. It will be easier to concentrate on the information you need right away instead of the frills.

(2) It will have descriptive texts, photos, illustrations and more than 50 demonstration videos by veterans in the Canadian grooming industry along with integrated instructions on grooming, explanation of the grooming steps and how it will affect the finish.


(3) It takes less time to study and easier to understand and your skill improves much faster thanks to our excellent demonstration videos combined with detailed tutorials than just reading big volume of text manuals.

(4) It will explain which grooming steps to follow and in what order and easy to understand clippers and scissoring habits.

(5) A quick look up saves time even if it is used during grooming.

(6) Easy to review grooming information even for busy individuals.

Whether you have been in business for 20 years or are just starting out, Pet Styling Handbook For The Canadian Professionals will help you become a productive, fulfilled and joyful pet groomer you always wanted to be. You will be able to serve and help more people ----while a lot of of fun along the way.




“Just Graduated” Newbies Competed Well With

The Professional Groomers !


item1 One of our school graduates took part of the Dog Grooming Competetion held by the Dog Groomers Association.news1

Miss Y. Sawa completed 20 weeks of Professional Dog Grooming Lessons and started working at the pet salon downtown Toronto only a few months ago.

She has “just graduated” from this school. She has no previous grooming work experience. (She came to this grooming school right after finishing a high school.)

In spite of that, she won the second place in the professional dog groomers competition.

Her comment: All the other contestants were very very good. I’ve been just lucky. I met excellent people, and one of my shop customers actually made this possible.

The customer insisted me to join the contest and let me use her beautiful Bichon Frise. Thank you for all the help.







item3 Newly graduated dog groomer Miss. Kim Endow entered the May 2 grooming competition held by the Dog Groomers Association with the expectation of the thrillnews32 of the experience. She never dreamed that she would finish in impressive third place in the competition against many skilled professionals.

The competition is judged for many features including cleanness of the shape, the appropriate grooming for breed, as over all balance. It is very rare to have a new groomer in the winner's circle because it usually takes time to become a skilled groomer.

Kim who has impressed the judges with her skills said "This is my first competition." and it was also her first time grooming the Sealyham Terrier.

The school principal Minnie Kusanagi said, " Our students aren't trained for news42competitions or dog shows. We try to teach the basic pet grooming skills they need to build a career."

From what Kim accomplished in the competition it would seem that her new career as a dog groomer is off to an excellent start.



item4 Photo of Annual Dog Grooming Competition by the Groomers Association


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