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item12 The Dog Grooming Courses We Offer:

Professional Dog Grooming Part-1 (10 weeks)

Professional Dog Grooming Part-2 (10 weeks)

Approved as vocational programs under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005

Dog Grooming SChool Daily Class Schedule

Full time hands-on lessons only. We have neither part-time classes, nor night classes.

from Monday to Friday 5 days a week, from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm which includes a 30 minutes lunch break ( 30hrs / week)

The Grooming Class Schedule for 2019



item2 Professional Dog Grooming [Part-1] (10 weeks - 300 hrs )

This course teaches you the fundamental works on a variety of Dogs as well as how to groom a drop-coated dog in a pet clip. This is the most essential part of the dog grooming service. The successful student will have opportunities to be employed as a Intermediate groomer in many grooming shops.

  • The students who complete this course will :
  • Know how to use and maintain all essential grooming tools and equipment
  • Be able to use the proper method of disinfecting tools and grooming area.
  • Know Canine Structure and how it affects the dog as well as the groom
  • The dangers and safety issues associated with grooming
  • How to de-shed and de-mat a dog without causing injuries
  • How to do fundamental grooming tasks such as bathing, drying, brushing, combing, nail clipping, ear plucking and cleaning
  • How to Shape, Clip,Cut and Style a Drop-Coated Dog in a pet clipbichion
  • Know how to communicate to owners, Veterinarians and Others in the pet industry
  • Know how to identify and handle Pest Infestations
  • Know how to handle and be able to use the Clipper and Scissors
  • Be able to cut straight and curved lines

and much more

The course also covers grooming theory and practical skills, styling dogs from main breed groups, as well as the necessary knowledge to succeed as a professional pet groomer. Students will learn highly demanded pet styling and grooming techniques done in pet salons.

The focus of this course is styling with mainly clipping work but you will also learn basic scissoring work as well.

After completing this course, you will have achieved the necessary skill of professional level finishing skills.

The graduates are able to work as a finishing intermediate groomer in the pet industry.

The student who fulfills all requirements will be issued a certificate of successful completion of our trade programs.



item11 Professional Dog Grooming [Part-2] (10 weeks - 300 hrs )

Prerequisite: Completing the Professional Dog Grooming Course [Part-1]

This course provides training to the students who want to become a successful Pet Stylist. Students will be able to handle and groom most of the popular breeds of dogs in a breed specified styling or a creative trim that compliments and flatters. The main focus of this program will be on Terriers and curly coated dogs from a variety of Dog Groups.

After reviewing the general knowledge and skills developed in the Professional Dog Grooming Part-1, students will learn various techniques and short cuts for pet styling. Because it is essential for students to be proficient in scissoring a large portion of the program will focus on the fine scissoring techniques.

Some of the Knowledge and Skills students will learn are:

  • Advanced Scissoring Techniques
  • Identification of breeds and their specific styles
  • Special combs for various styles and finishesnancyshop222
  • Understanding Salon Operations
  • All Scissor Finishes
  • Grooming and Styling Sporting Breeds
  • Grooming and Styling Long Legged Terriers
  • Grooming and Styling Short Legged Terriers
  • Grooming and Styling Poodles
  • Grooming and Styling Bichons

and much much more.

Students will also learn the speed grooming techniques to increase your productivity and profit. You will be expected to groom 3-4 dogs a day with professional quality upon completing this course. Students will be introduced to the administrative aspects of the grooming business so that they are well prepared to open their own business if they wish. We use the most advanced techniques and state of art modern equipment in the pet grooming industry today and encourage our students to strive to continue to learn and improve.


item15 The Grooming Class Schedule for 2019


January 07, 2019 --> March 15, 2019

March 18. 2019 --> May 24, 2019

May 27, 2019 --> August 02, 2019

August 06, 2019 --> October11, 2019

October15, 2019 --> December 20, 2019

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