Another Graduate Awarded in the Professional Dog Grooming Competition!

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Newly graduated dog groomer, Miss. Kim Endow entered the May 2 dog grooming competition. That is held by the Dog Groomers Association with the expectation of the thrill of the experience. She never dreamed that she would finish an impressive third place in the competition against many skilled professionals.

The dog grooming competition is judged for many features including cleanness of the shape, the appropriate grooming for the breed, as overall balance. It is very rare to have a new groomer in the winner’s circle. Because it usually takes time to become a skilled groomer.

Kim who has impressed the judges with her skills. She said “this is my first competition.” and it was also her first time grooming the Sealyham Terrier.

The school principal Minnie Kusanagi said, ” Our students aren’t trained for competitions or dog shows. We try to teach the basic dog grooming skills they need to build a career.”

From what Kim accomplished in the competition, it would seem that her new career as a dog groomer is off to an excellent start.

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