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Make The Best of Grooming School: Stay Curious

Over the years, I’ve picked up on common traits among my most successful graduates of our grooming school. It got me thinking… what’s a key trait that most or all of those groomers have? One characteristic that comes to mind is that most of them came to my grooming school lessons with at least two…

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Is Dog Grooming School As Fun And Easy As They Say?

If you watch grooming videos on Youtube, you’ll see that everyone seems to be having a great time, and it seems like a job that anyone can do after learning in a dog grooming school. This job is indeed fun. However, to be able to do the job to the level of a professional who…

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Take A Step Forward To Do What You Really Want To Do

Few people can confidently say they’re happy with their current life and career. “I want to pursue other interests and do work that’s fun as is rewarding.” “I want to get out of my current life and job.” “I want to increase my income and start my own business.” Many people have this idea. At…

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Be The Best Kind Of Groomer: Studies From A Dog Grooming School 

Table of contents Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could recreate the gorgeous grooms you see on social media and even in the dog parks in your area? Transforming a dog that looks like they’ve never seen the inside of a grooming salon into a double-take-worthy teddy bear cut is a profession you can surely…

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