Pet Grooming Studio Academy 

Dog Grooming School Review 

Dog Grooming School ReviewIt gives me great pleasure to write this letter of dog grooming school review. I have graduated from the Pet Grooming Studio Academy completing both level 1 and level 2 programs.

 I highly recommend the Pet Grooming Studio Academy to all prospective (who want to be) groomers. The instructors’ knowledge, skills, abilities, experiences, and expertise provided me with a curriculum that exceeded my expectations. No matter how large or how small a class - just call out for an instructor and they are by your side ready, willing, and able to assist you every step of the way.

This pet grooming school inspires confidence with its effective and professional manner and teaching skills.

I could not have asked for more knowledge or better education than the one I received at the Pet Grooming Studio Academy.

With gratitude and appreciation,


Anna V. - now a professional pet groomer

Dog Grooming School ReviewThe Dog Grooming Courses were excellent hands-on training. Information was presented in a logical sequence and appropriate rate as our skills improved. The staff is very knowledgeable and approachable when questions arose. I would recommend this school to anyone wishing to pursue a profession in dog grooming.

Thank you for providing me the opportunity to develop and enjoy the skills for dog grooming.


Meg D.

grooming dog-13Dog Grooming School Review

Time passed by so quickly.

I appreciate all the instructors’ kindness and teaching. I can groom and style most breeds fairly well now in spite of starting from zero knowledge and zero experience in grooming work.

The lesson was good for building my confidence because I had to groom not only “good dogs” but also many dogs with different characteristics and hair conditions. Now I know which techniques to use on all those dogs and what I have to be careful of when handling those dogs.

I appreciate the lectures as well as the practical skill lessons, dog diseases, what to do in emergency situations, how to stop accidents during grooming, the effective ways to use grooming tools, how to give advice to the dog owner, and many other useful information in this profession.

Now my goal is to cut the time I am taking to groom dogs. I heard the professionals groom and style several dogs a day. It’s still a long way to attain that level but I feel I can do that in the future with more practice and having more experience.

My number two goal is to improve my scissoring skill. It’s tough to get employed without good scissoring techniques in my country. So I want to become better at scissoring. My hands still shake sometimes and it is not easy to have a smooth finish. I need more improvement.

All in all the instructors are very helpful and I really enjoyed the grooming lessons here and learned a lot.

Thank you.

Miyou I.

Dog Grooming School Review

In the beginning, I worried that I could learn as quickly as others, but it was an immediate relief to know everyone learns different things at different paces.

It made me very happy to go right into the hands-on work and to work with the different dogs that came in daily. I was given every opportunity to work with different breeds and dogs of every size.

I was surprised that there were many ways of styling one breed. In fact, there were so many other things I learned throughout the course, I did not even imagine how much there was to learn about pet grooming before I came here!

What I liked about the course was working with the dogs every day, seeing the dogs come in some so matted, and having them leave looking, smelling, and feeling clean. It made me feel so accomplished.

I honestly can't wait to start working with my newfound knowledge and expertise.

Thank you, everyone, at Pet Grooming Studio Academy.

Donna Y.

Dog Grooming School Review

Thank you very much for the great experience you gave me on my new journey.

I feel very confident in the fundamental work and I feel I am a master at that now. The lecture part of the lessons was my favorite because It was so comprehensive and I learned a lot!

For the Drop-coated pet grooming part, I know I can handle that very easily.

And all of those above are just the result of your support and time you spent for me and all the other students which I appreciate a lot!

Thanks to all the teachers,

Love you all !!

Mary Y.