Is Dog Grooming School As Fun And Easy As They Say?

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If you watch grooming videos on Youtube, you'll see that everyone seems to be having a great time, and it seems like a job that anyone can do after learning in a dog grooming school. This job is indeed fun. However, to be able to do the job to the level of a professional who can satisfy customers, earn a good income, and be able to say, "this job is fun," you need time and effort to gain experience. The same is true for any job. Depending on your goal, it may take more time than just studying at school.

You may expect to become a professional groomer and earn a high income soon after finishing the 10-week program. Some graduates may have this kind of success right away, but it's best not to have these expectations.

If you are looking to make quick, easy money, you will not learn the work required to do this job. People who are only after the money, will get sick of the work and give up if they don’t succeed the first few tries. To become a professional, you need to accumulate experience by grooming a variety of dogs and learning by trial and error. We will be honest with you. There’s a big learning curve. That's why pet grooming is called a skilled trade.

The greatest joy of learning pet grooming

If you want to become a hairstylist, it will take you at least three or four years, including an apprenticeship. This is the norm for many other careers in the world. Compared to that, it depends on the person of course, but I feel that pet grooming can bring you closer to being a professional in a shorter period if you put in the effort.

The lessons at the dog grooming school are fun and engaging! But learning new things in the lessons means changing your mindset, behavior, and habits. Let’s be honest, changing yourself is one of the hardest things. The joy of learning pet grooming is, of course, the joy of working with cute and friendly dogs, but for many people, the greatest joy of learning pet grooming is reinventing your lifestyle. It's a kind of rebirth and a renewed sense of self.

People attending pet grooming school

We have many young people who come to our school because they don't know what they want to do, but know that they enjoy working with dogs, so they decide to try grooming and end up loving it! Some people want to change careers for various reasons and become pet groomers.

We once had a student who quit her night shift job to become a pet groomer. She used to come home in the morning and go to work in the evening. Although she lived in the same house, she barely had the time to see her children for as long as she was at this job. When she started working as a pet groomer, she could free herself from such a life.

We had another student with a sick parent whom she had to take to the hospital frequently, so she wanted a job she could do from home. She now runs a successful grooming business from home.

One year, I had about four former nurses who joined my school. You might think that being a nurse is a well-respected and well-paid job, which it is. However, nursing and almost any job in human medicine can be emotionally taxing. Some people want to try a different line of work because they have to be present at many deaths of people whom they have been taking care of for so long, which I’m sure you can imagine is very hard.

Others think about this job as a new career for when they retire. People in their senior years are happiest when they have work to do and feel needed by others. It keeps them healthy and active. I once read in a magazine that one of the biggest regrets of retirees is that they wished they had gotten training when they were younger for a career that they could have in retirement. Pet grooming is one of the few jobs out there for retirees because it doesn't matter how old you are. As long as you have a working body and excellent skills, there are plenty of jobs out there.

Grooming school lessons aren’t easy but it’s a lot of fun and very rewarding. Wouldn't you like to reinvent your lifestyle by becoming a professional pet groomer?

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