Deciding Between An Online Grooming Course Or A Dog Grooming School: Which Is Beneficial To The Aspiring Dog Groomer?

on line dog grooming course


Which path to take to realize your dreams?

The world is now booming with a variety of virtual learning especially in these troubled times of Covid 19. Many people are interested in taking online grooming courses so I want to take this opportunity to talk about traditional hands-on dog grooming classes. I hope this information will help you to decide which path to take to realize your dreams once you’re set on becoming a professional dog groomer. 

I’ve been a pet groomer for over 40 years and also I am a grooming instructor. I even have experience making dog grooming manuals and producing instructional videos-I love to make my own materials for my students! So I’m aware of the usefulness and the limitations of these materials. 

What is it like to learn grooming in the classroom?

I want to make clear the ways in which the class is helpful to our student’s learning and skill development.

At our school, we have one lecture day per week and the rest of the week is spent on skill training. Dog(s) are assigned to each student to work on and specific instructions are given for each pet. There will be lots of advice, tips, and critiquing. Sometimes we demonstrate and show students how it’s done. Then we have the students try on their own. But very often it’s hard to get it the first, second, or third time. This is normal. Every dog has it’s own challenges. This can be anything from hair quality, behavior, to the requested hairstyle. Every day they have a new challenge and it’s exciting for many of our students! 

This is why it’s important to repeat the fundamental exercises consistently day in day out. This is the way we train our students to acquire the necessary skills and it is why so many of our graduates leave as confident groomers who can handle a variety of situations. It is how they avoid big mistakes at the beginning of their career and maintain their profession long term. 

It takes time to acquire all the skills you need to be a professional dog groomer. But I believe taking our grooming course is a “shortcut” to become a professional pet groomer from zero experience.

Successful pet groomers are pathfinders.

Whatever your learning method, I want you to do your best to become a pet groomer and succeed in this career. We have way more dogs than groomers in Canada, we are always in demand no matter the state of the economy, and the pet industry is growing from here on out. 

I don’t think it’s meaningful to say whether a grooming school or online grooming course or an apprenticeship is better. Successful groomers will succeed wherever they begin their journey. Because they are pathfinders.

Years ago I attended many American grooming seminars. Many lecturers and celebrity groomers didn’t study this trade at school but came from different backgrounds. They started from humble beginnings but are now world-renowned instructors and leaders in the field. They may be very talented special people, but it proves there are many ways to pursue and build this career. Even if you think you don’t have the talent or you have confidence you are talented, consider once taking lessons at a traditional hands-on dog grooming school. That’s the most time-saving way to master this art.

Thank you for reading!