“Just Graduated” Newbies Competed Well With The Professional Groomers!


dog grooming contestOne of our school graduates took part in the Dog Grooming Competition held by the Ontario Dog Groomers Association.

Miss Y. Sawa completed 20 weeks of Professional Dog Grooming Lessons and started working at the pet salon downtown Toronto only a few months ago.

She has “just graduated” from this school. She has no previous grooming work experience. (She came to this grooming school right after finishing a high school.)

In spite of that, she won Second Place in the professional dog grooming competition.dog groomer


Her comment: All the other contestants were very very good. I’ve been just lucky. I met excellent people, and one of my shop customers actually made this possible.

The customer insisted me to join the contest and let me use her beautiful Bichon Frise. Thank you for all the help.

dog grooming constest photo23

Dog Groomers Association - Dog Grooming Competition