What’s the Tough Aspect of Becoming a Pet Groomer?

becoming a pet groomer

You’ve been thinking about the career change, maybe becoming a pet groomer.  Finding a new career, (a perfect career) is very similar to finding a perfect partner.

If you love someone,  he (or she)  has many wonderful aspects you admire, but the person may also have some shortcomings.  Your career choice will be the same.  It takes love, patience, time, understanding, and kindness to have a successful personal and/or business relationship.

There are many wonderful unique aspects of choosing a pet groomer career.  You may also wonder what is the tough and challenging side of becoming a pet groomer.   Some of the challenges are as follows:

a pet groomer

Challenging aspect #1 of becoming a pet groomer

You have to work by yourself, independently, wherever you work. Working in a multiple-person grooming salon, you will be expected to work with little to no help, relying on your own skills and experiences to complete the grooming process from beginning to end.

With the proper training. from a certified grooming school, you will be able to accomplish this. A grooming school is where you learn the skills to grooming professionally and a grooming salon is where you will earn an income from your learned skills in grooming.

In most of the pet salons, groomers are paid by commission. Groomers in pet salons are very kind and the most helpful people you’ll ever meet. But time is precious and groomers just can’t spare their time (sacrificing their profit-making time) to assist you. You need to be capable of handling any task in the salon by yourself before applying for the position of a groomer. Remember the grooming salons are not a school and the staffs are not there to teach you.

Challenging aspect #2

Many grooming salons have a hard time finding talented and skilled groomers to hire. You will be more hire-able as a certified professional groomer having completed the grooming course. You don’t need to know everything about pet grooming but you need to be reliable, knowledgeable, compassionate, and above all professional.

The grooming salon’s expectation of you is very high. They expect you to not only do good work but expect you to work fast and efficiently. They want to keep their customers happy and to have repeat customers as well as having customers ask for you personally because they are pleased with the grooming you performed on their pets. This is one of the goals of a grooming salon. This is one of the reasons the salon hired you. You are expected to contribute to making the owner and the business successful and grow. Remember a happy customer is a repeat customer. A repeat customer is a growth for the business. Growth for the business is more hours and money for you. It is a win-win-win for all.

Challenging aspect #3

I hesitate to list this as a challenge because it’s personal. For some people, this is the biggest challenge – wanting to play with the dogs.
It’s very very hard to control the impulse of wanting to play with dogs while in the salon. So many nice dogs and puppies come into the shop and all they naturally want to do is play.
It is tough to say no, but say no, you must. When your child wants to play with you and you’ve got a job to do, you can’t respond to their desires and you have to look the other way.

Pretty tough challenges aren’t they? Can you overcome them? With proper training, you can overcome these and any other challenges you encounter throughout your grooming career. Study aggressively at school and keep learning even once you start grooming. Every successful pet groomer is learning something every day. Do you still want to pursue a pet grooming career despite its’ minor tough challenges?
If your answer is yes then you need to contact us today and together we will travel down this path leading you to become the best trained professional groomer you can be.

Thought to ponder… Skilled dog groomers aren’t cheap but cheap dog groomers aren’t skilled.

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