Is it time for a career change? 6 reasons you should consider pet grooming career

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    Are you finding yourself in the middle of corporate downsizing? Are you fed up with your current job and just want to try something different? Or have you simply got involved in a job that excites you?

    If you are in this situation and love animals, consider becoming a pet groomer. Here are the reasons why you should consider a dog grooming career:

    1) pet grooming career is to make a living by doing what you love, receiving affection and gratitude from pet customers

    You get to work with pets every day. It can be lots of fun, and it is never boring. Becoming a groomer allows you to express your creative sense. After each dog is completed, you will be filled with a sense of accomplishment. Also, you get a lot of appreciation from pets and pet owners. You hear "Thank You" from clients several times a day and this rarely happens in the office environment.

    Once you master pet grooming skills, you can take this talent anywhere in the world and make a living. Even it's possible to work as a pet groomer in your senior years as long as you can work.

    2) The most important aspects of a career change

    If you are thinking of a career change, the most important aspects you have to check are:

    • How long does it take to get the training?
    • After entering the market, how many years before you start earning a decent living?
    • For the career of your choice, is there enough demand in the market?

    If you don’t know the answers to these questions and if you do not do your research, your new career choice may be just a disaster. Many highly educated people cannot find work in their fields mainly because there is no demand or the market is flooded with people already in their chosen field. This happens to a lot of college & university students. This should never happen to you.

    Why grooming? Our grooming programs are less than 6 months of training where students can handle and finish most of the breeds in the pet salon. They can be employed as a certified groomer in a short time, A certified groomer can earn a decent living in a relatively short time. I don't know any other careers or professions where you can go from earning zero dollars to earning an income at an executive level in such a short period ( less than 6 months). This is a skilled trade and becoming a pet groomer requires hard training. This work is not something anybody can do. So the pay is good!

    3) pet grooming career will never go extinct

    Oxford University Research says half of the current jobs will not exist in the next 20 years. Not so for pet grooming. Pets have to be handled by human hands with a caring heart, just like doctors and nurses. AI robots or machines will not replace this profession. This is the skilled trade you can take pride in this work and enjoy this career for as long as you want.

    We have been in the pet grooming business for almost 40 years. We have never experienced a “bad economy time” in those years. I am sure most of the pet groomers in North America have the same experience. Do you know why? Pet owners never cut corners on expenses for their pets during the economic recession. They take care of pets and feed them first even if they have nothing to eat themselves.  That's the way most pet owners are.

    4) The things you probably really want to know about this career

    You probably want to know how much pet groomers earn. It depends on your skill level, experience, and how many dogs you can finish a day. So I can’t guarantee you anything. Generally, many pet groomers get paid by commission. Today an average 50% commission is common. So if you work on a dog with a $70 grooming fee, you get $35 ( + tips <--this is not small! ). An average professional dog groomer can finish several dogs a day, So if you groom 6 dogs a day with each paying $70.00, at 50% commission you will have earned $000 a day, weekly salary =000 x 5 or 6 ( please note that this is just an example of a small size dogs ) You have the potential to earn a salary that a lot of office workers and probably your friends would envy. This can be you in less than 6 months with our intensive training.

    If you start your own business, the commission is 100%. You decide how many clients to book each day! You decide how many hours you work each day! You decide if you want a day off! You decide what time you open and close each day!

    5) Steady high demand for this work

    There is a high demand for skilled pet groomers. Our school gets a lot of calls from veterinarians and pet salons from all over the province looking for professional groomers. We can help you to find work if you are a skilled pet groomer. ( we can’t guarantee your employment ) You don't need to worry about finding work in this field. There are job openings everywhere in Ontario. You can work anywhere in North America as a highly trained skilled pet groomer.

    6) Big possibilities you can succeed in this career. Here is why.

    A skilled pet groomer is in high demand in every part of Ontario. There are hundreds of pet salons, vet hospitals, and pet service places having a hard time finding knowledgeable, skilled, reliable pet groomers. One reason for this is that there is a shortage of pet groomer training schools in Ontario. There are only a couple of small schools in the metropolitan city of Toronto, 4, 5 in the whole province of Ontario that is registered and recognized by the Ontario Ministry. If you are a skilled and certified pet groomer, there is a big possibility you can succeed in this field.

    We have many graduates who successfully changed careers to pet groomers and they are on the way to creating their fulfilling lifestyle.
    A Pet grooming career is the best-kept secret in a career change.
    If these reasons resonate with you, consider joining our next grooming class. You won't be sorry you did.
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