Make The Best of Grooming School: Stay Curious

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Over the years, I've picked up on common traits among my most successful graduates of our grooming school. It got me thinking... what's a key trait that most or all of those groomers have? One characteristic that comes to mind is that most of them came to my grooming school lessons with at least two or three questions every day.

It's a given that students should ask questions of their teachers if they don't understand something, but that's not what I'm talking about here. I'm talking about questions that sprout out of genuine curiosity. Curiosity can not be taught, but it is powerful because it can give you direction.

Once in a while, I have a student that comes to grooming school class every day but doesn't ask any questions. Even if I ask them, they don't know what kind of questions to ask. They simply take instructions, do the work, and leave right on time. As a teacher, I can easily tell who is passionate and who is not. Curious groomers are passionate groomers. They want to learn everything there is know about technique, the business, and everything else in between.  If you're paying for your course, you have every right to ask any questions on the topic of grooming!

Get Used Do These Things Every Day At Grooming School

If you are currently a grooming student or intend to take my course in the future, consider making it a goal to ask two to three questions to your instructor every day.  You can start by reflecting on the lessons from the previous day. How can you improve? Is there an easier way to do something? Use your daily journal to come up with questions for the next day. The more answers you seek, the more knowledge you will attain.


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